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Super Crossbar Challenge

Category: Games
Price: Free


Super Crossbar Challenge is a new arcade sports game that is originated from the popular challenge among footballers and fans alike. The idea is for you to hit the crossbar – Sounds easy?

=== GAMEPLAY ===
Players are to swipe right to shoot the ball. Keep in mind the angle and power that you are swiping because it will determine the direction and speed that the ball will go.

Once you find the sweet spot, remember it!

You may also perform bicycle kicks and volleys to earn more coins and fans. In the arcade mode, some of the in game goals will require players to perform multiple bicycle and volley to hit the crossbar.

Use the hard earned coins to unlock new characters and balls, in which, some of them have their own bonuses that will help you in the game.

– Based on the highly addictive real life crossbar challenge
– Arcade mode – contains 10 countries, each with 3 progressively more challenging goals
– Earn fans to unlock more countries
– Play 3 cup modes for rewards
– Unlock 40+ balls design (Some with special features)
– Unlock 15+ characters (Some with bonus’)
– Simple one finger control

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supercrossbarchallenge/
FredBear Games: http://www.fredbeargames.com/super-crossbar-challenge.html
PlayPlayFun: http://playplayfun.com/super-crossbar-challenge-game-official-page/

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