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Starry Melody

Category: Games
Price: $0.99


★★ Ever dreamed of touching the stars in the sky? The summer night sky and twinkling stars are always relaxing and peaceful. ★★

Starry Melody is a relaxing casual game themed with the night sky, cute stars, together with smooth background music and beautiful melodies created by ★Your Own★ (yes! your own) during the gameplay.

In the game, you help the stars who have lost their way to be back home together, by matching them and turning them into nice piano melodies with the magical power of music, and each time you play, the melody you create by your touches will be different. It also features 3 different modes to play with, and many special items you can get which would greatly boost the fun of gameplay.

★★ Gameplay ★★

– Arcade, Classical, Infini Music, 3 different modes to play with.
– Stars are turned into beautiful piano melodies when you match them in the game, the more you match, the longer the melody will be (hint: you may also try to rhythm with the background music for better results)
– You get random special items when you tap the special item star, or match 5 or more stars in a row
– Clouds can keep the stars floating, if you tap them they will fade away, so you can decide your way to match more stars.
– Stones are immovable, with a hammer you can break them so they won’t separate the stars
– Free Gravity mode can be unlocked by using the gravity ball, you can then rotate your device freely to change the gravity in game, extra fun to play
– Golden star has lightning power which can rescue many stars at once
– There’re also some special items which can magically shuffle all the stars in the sky, or increase the round time
– Not all items are good, however, some are evil and will block your move for several seconds in the game 😉

★★ Melodies! Melodies!★★

Listen to one of the melodies created in the game, what’s your melody? Please share with us!
http://soundcloud.com/starrymelody/starrymelody-soundtrack-1 or

★★ Videos ★★

More videos at Youtube:


★★ More Features ★★

✔ Universal! You can enjoy the game both on your iPhone and iPad with just 1 purchase.
✔ Adjustable difficulty and animation speed

★★ More detail please visit us ★★

Website: http://www.starrymelody.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/starrymelodymus

Website: http://www.starrymelody.com
Support Website: http://www.starrymelody.com

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