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VirtueMart Viewer

Category: Business
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VirtueMart Administrator is a packet-client of server applications.
Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage VirtueMart shops which work within CMS Joomla! module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you e-Shop.

VirtueMart Administrator includes:
* VirtueMart Viewer – allows visitors to View and Search Products
* VirtueMart Updater – application with which Administrator is able to manage VirtueMart Products
* VirtueMart Admin – application with extended functions with which Administrator is able to manage VirtueMart e-Shops

How VirtueMart Administrator apps work:
Apps, included in VirtueMart Administrator, work together with CMS Joomla! module which is set up directly before working with a VirtueMart e-Shop.
The module can be installed from iPhone, remotely opereted server or locally through the Administrative managing panel, and the way of setting depends on the level of security of servers.

VirtueMart Viewer is a client-server application.
Using this application visitors of your VirtueMart shop are able to view and search products.

VirtueMart Viewer includes:
1) View and search Categories
2) View and search Products
3) View popular Products
4) View newly arrived Products

To view your favourite e-Shop with the help of VirtueMart Viewer, you need to install managing module VirtueMart which considerably enlarges your e-Shop’s functionality and popularity. In case, while viewing the e-Shop you are reported that you need to have the module installed, please apply to the e-Shop’s Admin for help.

Website: http://www.viphone.su
Support Website: http://www.viphone.su

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