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"Notability is the perfect companion for iPad in education." – EdReach
“Notability is ideal for anyone who takes organized, media-rich notes.” – Geekanoids

Notability is a powerful note taker that helps you capture everything. The streamline interface provides the tools you need to type notes, add pictures, draw figures, insert web clips, make audio recordings, organize notes by subjects, backup to cloud services, and share notes with friends and colleagues.

Notability improves your productivity in lectures, meetings and interviews when you need to work fast, and also afterward to organize, review, edit, and share your notes.

Do you wish you could outline on iPad? Notability has you covered. You can quickly create outlines (bullet or numbered) with our easy-to-use interface. Outlines provide visual connections between subjects to help you stay organized.

You can use one font or multiple fonts per note, whichever you prefer. Add media to enrich your notes with the text flowing automatically around it. This saves space, gives you more choices, and looks cleaner when printing and sharing your notes

Do you want to add a web clip or picture? No problem, add pictures and web clips (via the built in browser) to your notes and place them where you want. You can also re-size, crop, annotate, add single or multi-line captions in any font, and write directly on pictures.

Need to draw a diagram? Simply use your finger or stylus to draw diagrams and figures or write short phrases using your choice of color, stroke width, and transparency level.

Ready to review your notes or desire a larger screen? You can easily maximize the workspace by hiding the toolbars, which is especially helpful when iPad is rotated in landscape mode.

Notability provides excellent support for external keyboards for the speed typers out there.

The perfect solution for taking notes that encourages you to focus on the presenter. You can make audio recordings of the lecture or meeting, and these are automatically linked to your notes! During playback, simply tap a word to hear what was said the moment you typed it. Worried about the volume? Notability ensures you'll hear the recording by amplifying the sound above normal levels.

We all desire a certain level of organization in our notes and the library helps you do just that! You can keep notes organized by subject and even find a note quickly using the search tool. Backup your notes in the cloud at Dropbox, iDisk, or a webdav server. You can also export them to your computer via iTunes File Sharing or email notes to yourself or a friend.

Great, you took notes on iPad using Notability, now what? Send your notes to a computer for further revision, using software already on your computer. Return your notes to Notability for additional reviewing and editing when you're ready. Once your notes are in Dropbox or iDisk, you can even review them on your iPhone.

See a few of Notability's unique features in the screen shots below.

We're constantly improving Notability and we'd love to hear what you think – contact us at ideas@gingerlabs.com.

Website: http://www.gingerlabs.com
Support Website: http://www.gingerlabs.com

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