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Energy UFO+

iPad App

Category: Lifestyle
Price: Free

Energy monitoring in real-time to conserve electricity.

The Energy UFO application for iPad provides visual feedback of electricity consumption and its cost as determined by information received from our family
of Wi-Fi enabled products, such as the UFO Power Center, a four outlet smart power-strip. The UFO Power Center, as shown in the application is currently available only to selected customers. The application is fully functional, but unless you have a UFO Power Center in
your home network, the measurements shown by the application are from a software simulator running on our server.

The Visible Energy smart-outlet products are electrical outlet of new conception and the Energy UFO for iPad is the interface to all the Visible Energy products. The energy used by an electrical outlet is measured and logged during usage. The products communicate using Wi-Fi to an iPad and a home network gateway. An individual outlet can be programmed to turn on and off according to a daily schedule and directly from the application.

Aggregate as well as individual outlet consumption and cost over the last month is visualized in the Energy UFO application.

Website: http://www.visiblenergy.com
Support Website: http://www.visiblenergy.com

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