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Baby Book by emmbook

Category: Lifestyle
Price: $4.99

Capturing memories of your baby's first years has never been easier, or more fun! Create a digital baby book with pictures, notes and details of baby's family, friends, firsts, favorites and much more.

Use the baby book's 'edit' mode to add entries for people, firsts, favorites, events, weight & height, feedings, sleeping & naps, diaper changes and immunizations. Each entry can include a photo, details and notes.

Entries for people can include notations for gifts given to your baby and each person’s memorable quotes or sayings. There's even a handy indicator showing who's received a thank you note and who hasn't.

The baby book's 'view' mode displays your baby's photos in an easy to use photo viewer. Swipe your finger across the screen to move to the next photo or turn on the automated slideshow. Tap a photo to show a caption with the person's name or entry title and the date of the entry.

The photo viewer also allows you to select what type of entries and which children, if you've added more than one, to display. Quickly jump to a particular photo by selecting it from a list of thumbnails.

Emmbook for Baby is the perfect way to record what’s important in your baby’s life and share it with family, friends and, most importantly, your baby when he or she is all grown up!


* Add photos of baby with family and friends.
* Record and take photos of baby's gifts.
* Keep track of who has received thank you notes and who hasn't.
* Make note of memorable quotes about your baby.
* Record milestones, favorite things and events.
* Keep a diary of baby's feedings, sleeping, diaper changes, measurements and immunizations.
* View baby's photos in an easy to use photo viewer.
* Filter your baby book photos to display one or more babies and which entry categories you'd like to view.
* Includes support for multiple babies.

Watch a demo video at our website: http://www.emmbook.com/

Get help in our online support forum: http://www.emmbook.com/forum/

Email us at support@emmbook.com for help or to send us your feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

Website: http://www.emmbook.com/
Support Website: http://www.emmbook.com/

Download from AppStore:

1 Comment

  1. December 16, 2009    

    Love the idea of this app. Wish they would drop the price just a bit so people could experiment with it. Such a new concept not sure people will drop $5 on it at first. Let a few hundred have it (like me) for a discount and we can chat it up!

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