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Category: Healthcare
Price: $2.99

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BringIt is designed to be used along with the P90X fitness program. It allows you to do away with paper worksheets and keep all of your data in one place. It also has some extra features such as weight and body fat percentage tracking.

You can have multiple profiles so that your workout partners can keep track of their progress as well. It is fast and simple to switch between profiles.

BringIt adds convenience to your workouts by allowing you to workout in different locations by having all of your worksheets stored in your device.

– Replaces paper worksheets
– Ability to have multiple profiles
– Choose from Classic, Lean, or Doubles workout types for each profile
– Allows you to keep notes for each exercise
– Keeps track of how many reps and how much weight you used for each exercise
– Automatically lets you know which workouts you need to do each day
– Tracks your weight
– Tracks your body fat %
– Keeps track of your Day 1 and Day 90 measurements
– Allows you to input your Fit Test results for both Day 1 and Day 90

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– http://twitter.com/bringitapp

Website: http://ax.itunes.apple.com/us/artist/tommy-wild/id339473278
Support Website: http://ax.itunes.apple.com/us/artist/tommy-wild/id339473278

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