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Price: $19.99

iDDL (Driver’s Daily Log for the iPhone)
The premier Long Haul Trucking iPhone app is for professional drivers in the transportation industry who want a better way to fill in their Driver’s Daily Log book.
iDDL makes it easy to electronically input daily log entries, complete with remarks.

iDDL will automatically:

• Input date, time, and location right into the logbook.
• Calculate and input driving Hours of Service in each of the four categories.
• Fill in the monthly summary information.
• Calculate and track the driver’s medical certification date.

Plus, iDDL gives the driver the power and flexibility to instantly correct any information via either the iPhone or the web interface.

With iDDL, the driver can place calls to dispatch, service, or roadside assistance right from within the application.

The web interface lets you map your trips, dropping pins on the map for the locations you specify on your daily logs. Those authorized to login to your website can track your progress as well as view the latest information. Training videos and support information can be found on the iDDL website at www.iDDL.com.

Drivers indicate status (on-duty/off-duty/sleeper berth/driving) through the iPhone display. This information is then available to the driver, dispatcher or compliance officer through the Web-based interface. Reduce the possibility of Hours of Service regulatory fines. Research has shown that electronic driver logs can save both drivers and dispatchers up to 20 minutes per day!

Drivers can show up-to-date logbook information to law enforcement/DOT, which can be viewed from outside the cab, on demand or emailed in a PDF format.

iDDL contains a complete vehicle inspection checklist, allowing comments and digital photographs to be added to any exception reports. Exception reports can be instantly e-mailed to dispatch, a service manager, roadside assistance or anyone else you designate.

iDDL allows drivers to capture a signature—right on the iPhone. With this feature, and with digital photographs, the iPhone is transformed into a multimedia clipboard, allowing verification of delivery and confirmation of condition!

Planned enhancements will soon make iDDL a complete EOBR system for the driver!

Website: http://www.iddl.com
Support Website: http://www.iddl.com

Download from AppStore: here

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