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Exercise Now!

Category: Healthcare
Price: $0.99

For a limited time: YOU GET ALL 7 VIDEOS INCLUDED!

Now you can truly have the body you've always dreamed of in just five minutes!

Johnny Rich's Fit in Five program is for anyone who has a busy schedule. Yes you can get in shape in just Five minutes!! Just play any of the seven five minute videos and you wont believe how easily you can maintain a muscle group and get a great burn in that little amount of time.
The routines are based on isometrics; you simply keep a constant level of tension on a specific muscle group for approximately five minutes. Johnny coaches you through each routine, while describing the muscles and commenting on breathing techniques. In a short period of time you can transform your body and your health with these simple five minute routines.

For a limited time Johnny is releasing all 6 videos, and an additional Karate Warm-up Video.

For all you Martial Artist and MMA fighters. That's 7 Videos total delivered to you with Pristine High Quality video.

Now anyone who doesn't have an hour to put in a gym and likes to workout, realizes that muscle has memory and you can stimulate and isolate certain muscles with these five minute programs.

So if you're traveling or at the office or at home you can play the video anytime and follow Johnny with or without the elastic bands that he uses. While Johnny inspires you there is also motivating music playing in the background!

Isometrics is the key to maintaining your body, Johnny Rich's Fit in Five program works most of the body's muscles. So if you want to just work your biceps you select that video and train that section for about five full minutes.

Johnny Rich believes in isolating a muscle group and not overwhelming your body and over-training several muscle groups all in one session. This alone helps you to avoid injury. You don't have to complicate your workouts with long hours in a gym. These videos are the perfect solution for staying in great shape! Johnny hopes that you enjoy his five minute routines. He also stresses a balanced diet while eating closer to nature, and coined the phrase:" Food to the Body is like Truth for your Soul!"

Connectivity: WiFi/itunes Download
Videos Built in App No 3g access needed.

Website: http://www.johnnyrichhealth.com
Support Website: http://www.johnnyrichhealth.com

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