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Pepper Throws a Tantrum

Category: Entertainment
Price: $1.99

Pepper Throws a Tantrum

Meet Pepper – the sprightly, lovable puppy. Watch him resolve the little conflicts that come his way each day as you read aloud the stories to your tiny tot.

Your little one will enjoy the lively illustrations and the simple text. And, of course, both of you will enjoy Pepper’s company!

Other Titles of Pepper :-

1. Pepper Strays Away
2. Pepper Eats too Much Cake
3. Pepper has a Fight
4. Pepper Gets a New Pet
5. Pepper Brushes his Teeth
6. Pepper Wants too Many Toys
7. Pepper and The New Baby
8. Pepper Learns to Take the Blame
9. Pepper at the Table
10. Pepper Learns to Take Turns
11. Pepper Watches too Much TV
12. Pepper in The Dark
13. Pepper Goes to The Doctor
14. Pepper Lends a Helping Hand
15. Pepper Meets His New Neighbour
16. Pepper Learns About Recycling
17. Pepper Gets Stage Fright
18. Pepper Learns Good Habits
19. Pepper Learns Good Manners
20. Pepper is Jealous
21. Pepper and Mama’s New Job
22. Pepper Learns to Keep a Promise
23. Pepper Goes to School

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