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Final Countdown Musical Timer

Category: Utilities
Price: $0.99

Final Countdown Musical Timer is the "eyes free" way to keep track of your interval training, or to just keep your motivation up. Just select a play list from your iPod Library, and Final Countdown will play a selectable portion of each track, for however long you wish. Final Countdown displays how many tracks are left, as well has how long is left for the current track.

– Choose how long you want each interval (track) to be
– Choose how long you want the timer to run for
– Select if you want a lead in track to be played before the timer starts
– Select which portion of each track you want played (beginning, middle, ending, or random)
– Three presets: 30 Minute Run, Power Hour, or go for the burn with a Century.
– Skip back and forth through the play list without affecting the timer.
– You can even change the play list while the timer is running!
– Select between continuous and shuffle modes of play.
– Play lists that are shorter than needed for the current timer will be repeated.

Website: http://www.sandycovesw.com/
Support Website: http://www.sandycovesw.com/

Download from AppStore: here

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