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Are you shopping for life insurance or have you been solicited to purchase life insurance? How much should it cost? Are you sure that the insurance agent is really shopping the market? What options are available to you and how do these compare in terms of cost?

QuotesOnTap® is designed to empower you, the consumer, with the ability to research the market independently, to learn about the various options that may be available to you, and to be better acquainted with the wide array of life insurance offerings and costs.

QuotesOnTap® protects your privacy. It is self-contained and allows you to shop the Canadian and US life insurance markets for various life insurance offerings from the largest number of companies. Being self-contained, it also avoids a need to log onto a website or to disclose any identifiable personal or contact information.

QuotesOnTap® also provides you with access to an extensive Postal-Code and Zip-Code searchable database of professional life insurance agents, brokers and advisors. The service is free and provides you with the names and telephone numbers of insurance professionals who you may contact for professional advice.

Consumer-interest-minded insurance professionals in Canada who are equipped with the LifeGuide® Professional Software or the CompeteCA™ Software, and like minded insurance professionals in the United States who are equipped with the CompeteUS™ Software may enter their license number to unlock additional QuotesOnTap® features for enhanced consumer service.

Save and get the best value for your life insurance dollar!

Website: http://www.consumerterm.com/QuotesOnTap
Support Website: http://www.consumerterm.com/QuotesOnTap

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