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Mars Globe

Category: Education
Price: $0.99

Take a tour of the mysterious Red Planet, as seen from above. Mars Globe is just like having a beautiful globe of Mars that fits in your pocket – except with many more features:

– Smooth 3D touch navigation.

– Switch between a natural color map based on satellite images and a false-color elevation map based on laser altimeter data.

– Realistic lighting and atmosphere effects. Change the time of day or adjust the illumination angle directly, and watch the lighting shift on the terrain features as you do.

– Terrain labels are displayed in a 3D "tag cloud" that floats just above the surface. Just touch any label to read about that place.

– The Highlights mode takes you on a guided tour of 64 of the planet's most intriguing locales. Simply use the arrow buttons to zip from feature, read the description, and follow any links that interest you.

– A short Introduction to Mars gets you started on your tour; see About This App in the Options menu.

– Over 1500 terrain features are labelled and annotated, with links provided to additional information online.

– 100 Megabytes of Mars data are built into the app, so you can soar over the entire globe quickly and freely, even if you are offline.

Explore Mars, or just sit and watch the planet spin. If you're a space fan or if you're just a fan of amazing graphics on the iPhone and iPod Touch, this app is not to be missed.

Website: http://midnightmartian.com/MarsGlobe
Support Website: http://midnightmartian.com/MarsGlobe

Download from AppStore: here

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