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GainSpan GS-1010 TLS Board Application

Category: Business
Price: Free

This Application allows an iPhone or iPod Touch to work with the GS1010 TLS Kit from GainSpan. From the iPhone you can view the Temperature, Light, Voltage or Relative Signal Strength of a particular TSL Node.

The GainSpan nodes populate the configuration page with their MAC IDs. PLEASE NOTE – All nodes must be pre-configured to operate with the iPhone SNMP stack. The TLS hardware has been delivered to your facility and must be used with this application over WiFi.

Nodes connected to the network are populated into the configuration page with their MAC addresses displayed. The application allows the user to select a particular node from the list. Once selected, the tab bar along the bottom displays the sensor light, temperature, battery voltage or relative signal strength information updated periodically from the node. Shine a light on the TLS board and the light bulb will get brighter and display the LUMS value.

The configuration page allows the user to Get/Set different parameters associated with the TLS board – like the Update Value or the SSID.

By selecting a different MAC from the discovered nodes list, the sensor information associated with that particular node will then be displayed.

Website: http://gainspan.com
Support Website: http://gainspan.com

Download from AppStore: here

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