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Backyard Zoo Dancing Teddy

Category: Games
Price: Free

Have fun with this silly FREE toddler Dancing Teddy bear application. Musical tapping on the xylophone and bongos set. I developed this dancing teddy bear for my lovely girls to have fun making noises. (haha) Enjoy.

Try playing:

JINGLE BELLS (short) [bottom keys] {tap # to make sound, followed by how many times}

Tap #3, 3 times; #3, 3 times; #3, 1 time; #5, 1 time; #1, 1 time; #2, 1 time; #3, 1 time; #4, 4 times; #4, 1 time; #3, 3 times; #5, 2 times; #4, 1 time; #2, 1 time; #1, 1 time.

Website: http://my.att.net/p/PWP-backyardzoogames
Support Website: http://my.att.net/p/PWP-backyardzoogames

Download from AppStore: here

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