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Vortex Revolution (Single)

Category: Games
Price: $1.99

The VORTEX has you. Join the REVOLUTION in iPhone gaming fun. Match up the shapes before it sucks you in!

VORTEX REVOLUTION is the standalone, single game, original version, from the Vortex (Bundle) set. You can also get this game, along with the others, in the Vortex Bundle.

A fun, casual, unique, addictive and challenging game.

VORTEX REVOLUTION is a puzzle shape-matching game. You select a shape from the right and match it up to a shadow as it gets sucked into the vortex on the left. The faster you match, the more points you score! There are special color shadows that reward extra points and watch out for bomb shadows that can end the game.

If you enjoy hit games such as Tetris, Bejeweled and Trism, take VORTEX REVOLUTION for a Spin!


-Easy to get started
-Simple to use interface
-Fully animated Vortex game screen
-Accelerometer and touch based controls
-Original Vortex Game: Six levels of difficulty, and now easier shape registration
-Top 10 score tracker, (Try to beat your best score!)
-Adjustable sound settings
-Game instructions
-Auto-save if interrupted.

*Note: We suggest rebooting your iPhone or iPod Touch when playing for the first time.

Comments? Questions?
Email The Big Redbot at: contact@redbotsoftware.com

Website: http://www.redbotsoftware.com/Redbot_Software_Inc/Support/Pages/Vortex_Revolution.html
Support Website: http://www.redbotsoftware.com/Redbot_Software_Inc/Support/Pages/Vortex_Revolution.html

Download from AppStore: here

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