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iShatter Relieve Stress!

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99

Overloaded with Stress? Then iShatter is for you.

Just fire up iShatter and use the camera button in the bottom left to choose any picture from your photo library OR use the random button in the bottom right and let us choose a perfect picture for you! Then just touch the screen to shatter the picture anywhere you want and listen to the sound of the glass shattering! And don't worry. The image is automatically reloaded the next time you run the app!

Both kids and adults absolutely love this! It's the best cheap entertainment you'll find.

Just shake your phone to return back to the 'un-shattered' screen and start all over again.

Don't miss this one!

[Note to 1st gen iPod Users]
An external speaker is required to hear the glass shattering.

Support: RivCreations@yahoo.com

Website: http://rivcreations.blogspot.com/
Support Website: http://rivcreations.blogspot.com/

Download from AppStore: here

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