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iKidnap FREE

Category: Entertainment
Price: Free

Ever got tired of sending emails, using the same old style?
You've probably all seen those movies, where messages are written, using cut newspaper letters, right? Now you can have this very same style in your own emails and surprise colleagues and friends.
iKidnapFREE makes it a snap to create a message like that. Simply type the message (up to 300 characters) and preview it. If you like the result, send it and iKidnap will automatically launch your email application.

Take your chance now and write your very own iKidnap email!

Note: iKidnapFREE currently supports letters, used in english and german language.

If you're interested in an ad free version, please feel welcome to check out iKidnap.

For questions or feedback, please contact our support any time (link below)

Website: http://www.lindmandesign.com
Support Website: http://www.lindmandesign.com

Download from AppStore: here

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