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EyeQTest Lite

Category: Entertainment
Price: Free

This is a game for eye test.

Study reveals that people can not recognize visual changes made slowly over 8 seconds due to an optical illusion.

Please click on a part of picture slowly changing.

It will be still for the first 2 seconds, change for the next 8 seconds, and then still again for the last 2 seconds.

If you find out any change, click on it.

If you click on a wrong place or fail to find one within 12 seconds, the game ends.

If you do not succeed at a time, then a hint will be given.

Now, open your eyes and get ready!!

Website: http://www.dnt7.com/iphone/eyeqtest/
Support Website: http://www.dnt7.com/iphone/eyeqtest/

Download from AppStore: here

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