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Cow Songs LITE

Category: Entertainment
Price: Free

When you think of a noble animal, you can think of the noble cow. You think of a happy bovine from California. So with that in mind we bring you the soothing sounds of this noble animal. Now you can play moosic with the sounds straight from the pasture. Play your favorite melody on our 13 note chromatic piano keyboard in melodious singing cow language. Cow samples without stepping in happy bovine muffins or dealing with the smell or the flies.

See the cows appear on the screen as you play a lovely little tune.

Fun for all ages.

Play it in Sunday school or the public library, on the playground or get your friends who have iPhone/iPod Touch, together to form a band using our other fine chromatic sound software releases.

Website: http://www.logictwilight.com/iPhone_Software.html
Support Website: http://www.logictwilight.com/iPhone_Software.html

Download from AppStore: here

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