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Biz Analyst+

Category: Finance
Price: $1.99

Biz Analyst+ is a general purpose business analysis program for accounting, real estate and business professionals as well as business students. It includes hundreds of built in functions for business, finance, mathematics, statistics, unit and currency conversions. Functions operate with a calculator interface or with worksheets designed to simplify calculation of specific business problems. Keys and worksheets are generously sized for easy data entry and computing using the touch screen.

All time value of money variables are continuously displayed to give you confidence in your problem setups. Results can be reviewed, annotated and emailed to clients using the built in electronic audit tape.


Common math as well as Time Value of Money functions. All calculations are performed using either chain logic or algebraic with precedence logic.

Worksheets including:
•Breakeven analysis
•Cash Flows with NPV, IRR, NFV, NUS, MIRR. Up to 80 cash flows are easily edited and reviewed using the dedicated cash flow editor table. Entries are added, deleted and modified in a scrolling display with a touch interface unique to the iPhone.
•Conversions including area, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, temperature, time, velocity, volume and 47 world currencies.
•Date calculation
•Depreciation schedule using straight line, SOYD, declining balance and declining balance with cross over
•Interest Conversion
•Loan Amortization Table
•Profit Margin
•Statistics, data plotting and forecasting using linear, log, exponential or power curve fitting.

Audit Tape keeps a record of the last 400 lines of output. Tape contents are editable and can be emailed.

Built in user manual.

Quote from a customer:

"I've been waiting for a TI BAII style calculator to arrive for the iPhone. My wait is over. Great product!"

Website: http://web.mac.com/acornaircraft/AcornAircraftSite/Acorn_Aircraft.html
Support Website: http://web.mac.com/acornaircraft/AcornAircraftSite/Acorn_Aircraft.html

Download from AppStore: here

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