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Tube Status Push Notifications

Category: Travel
Price: $0.99

Get up to the minute service level details for the London Underground without having to load an application to do it.

When you do load the application you are greeted with information that takes only seconds to load, even over GPRS.

You can then select which Tube Lines you wish to receive status notifications for. You can then leave the application, safe in the knowledge that you will get a Push Notification every time the status of your selected lines changes.

Rather than checking on the status of the lines that effect your journey, let Tube Notify let you know.


Please be aware that Push Notification has a patchy reliability on 'Jailbroken' phones. Apple, and therefore, this application, do not support them. Push is only verified to work on official devices.

This application is not designed to work on the iPod Touch.

Website: http://leenux.org.uk/iphone-applications/tube-notify/
Support Website: http://leenux.org.uk/iphone-applications/tube-notify/

Download from AppStore: here

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