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SwedeShop – Unofficial IKEA Shopping List

Category: Lifestyle
Price: Free

ACT NOW: Get SwedeShop for free until 11:59 Pacific on Tuesday August 18!

IKEA is the coolest store in the whole world. I'm in love with it.

The only drawback to IKEA is the level of information you need to keep track of while shopping. Aisle number, bin number, product name, color – it's a lot! I'm not in love with the golf pencil and piece of paper they give you to write everything down, so I built SwedeShop.

Product Details:

Store the name, location (including aisle/bin number or section) and notes about the stuff you want to buy. Attach a photo, set a priority and track its price. Everything you need to know about your purchases in one place.

Shopping List:

You've made your way through the showroom. You know what you want to buy. Now it's time to load up your cart. Sort your shopping list by price or priority to pare it down to the essentials, then sort by location to work through the warehouse in order. No more running back and forth – just orderly, easy to manage shopping. Once you've picked up a product, tap its photo or icon to mark it as done and move it to the bottom of your list.

Budgeting Made Simple:

I can't stay on budget at IKEA. There is too much great stuff and it's all so affordable. But it adds up. Set a budget and your local tax rate to keep track of your spending. A running total is calculated every time you add, remove or change a product. If you go over budget, SwedeShop gives you a gentle, unobstrusive notification and lets you know the overage.


SwedeShop supports international formatting and currency. It works all around the world, wherever you shop. SwedeShop also includes a Swedish translation.

With SwedeShop, you'll leave the store with everything you came for, stay on budget and stay organized while shopping. Även på Svenska!

Please send feedback and feature requests to mail@danilocampos.com.

Swedish translation by Fredrik Leuhusen. Includes icons inspired by Glyphish.com.

IKEA is a trademark of Inter IKEA Systems B.V. SwedeShop is not licensed or endorsed by IKEA.

Website: http://www.danilocampos.com/apps/swedeshop/
Support Website: http://www.danilocampos.com/apps/swedeshop/

Download from AppStore: here

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