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Category: Utilities
Price: $1.99

Ever wished you could send something to the iPhone right next to you? Do it with style with Mover.

Mover allows you to transfer images, contacts, bookmarks and text clippings to other nearby iPhones via Wi-Fi networking and Bluetooth, making this as fast and as fun as possible:

• Move things around and send them to the iPhone where you want them to be with just a flick.

• No need for pairing: Mover can pick up other iPhones connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And if there's no Wi-Fi, Mover+ also supports Bluetooth transfers on newer models of iPhone and iPod touch.

• No need to worry about saving: everything is immediately saved on arrival in your iPhone's Pictures and Contacts, and never deleted by Mover, allowing you to clear crowded screens without worrying about data loss.

• On Wi-Fi networks, Mover+ is compatible with the free version of Mover for contacts and photos!

Unconvinced? See the video demo at http://infinite-labs.net/mover/.

Website: http://infinite-labs.net/mover/?_coming_from=mover-plus-its
Support Website: http://infinite-labs.net/mover/?_coming_from=mover-plus-its

Download from AppStore: here

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