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MobileCamViewer Client for enterprise local instal

Category: Business
Price: Free

This application works on your enterprise installation of MobileCamViewer server. This option will allow to view your cameras locally on a WiFi connection if needed. You need to activate the application with your administrator.

MobileCamViewer Client Description:
Watch and control live security & surveillance cameras directly or through NVR, DVR or Video Server anytime/anywhere on your iPhone or iTouch. Remote monitoring with touch of a button. High ROI, save time and money. Helps to keep environment green.

Provides peace of mind and business intelligence at all times. Watch live – Store, Business, Construction, Storage, Warehouse, Campus and more

Visit www.mobilecamviewer.com for a demo. Click on “Product Demo”

• Features:
— Reliable – Carrier-class operations – you can count on
— Passed on major carriers such as AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, Verizon and Orange
— Secure, private and your access information is encrypted
— Multiple users can view the same camera concurrently

View and PTZ Control cameras in seconds very easily
o IP Cameras directly or through NVRs or DVRs
o CCTV cameras connected through Video Server or DVR

— MobileCamViewer is integrated with the following DVRs, Video Servers and NVRs:
—- Dedicated Micros,
>>>> BX2 Series
>>>> DV-IP Series
>>>> DS-2 Series
>>>> Eco Series 3.1 (160 or higher)
>>>> HighVu Excel
>>>> SD series
—- Milestone
>>>> XProtect Corporate
>>>> XProtect Enterprise
>>>> XProtect Professional
>>>> XProtect Basis+
—- JVC
>>>> VR-N900U
>>>> VR-N1600U
—- Axis
>>>> 237S
>>>> 241S, 241SA
>>>> 243SA
>>>> 243Q Blade
>>>> 247S
>>>> KE, KP, KL, KN and KTX series
—- Iveda Solutions
—- Vivotek
>>>> 2403

— MobileCamViewer seamlessly connects with popular brand IP Cameras such as Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Canon, Pixord, Mobotix and many more.

— MobileCamViewer gives you dashboard-style access to your cameras and NVRs/DVRs at your fingertips, so you’re not frustrated by typing the URL, passwords on your mobile phone every time you need to access a camera.

— Ability to store and watch multiple branded cameras/DVRs/NVRs/VS in a single application for easy access

— Automatically updates and organizes your DVR/NVR camera list

–Provides High ROI
—-Saves Time and Money: By avoiding trips to your store or business or home.
—-Increase Productivity and Cost Savings: View the situation without needing or having to be in front of the computer, such as in a retail store or a construction site or university campus etc.
–Peace of mind at all times
–Remote monitoring, situational awareness, situational readiness and BI (Business Intelligence) with a touch of a button
–Helps to keep environment green.
–Avoid expensive alarm verification fees

For a complete list of supported cameras, please visit http://www.mobileipcamviewer.com//devices.html?go=cameras

For a complete list of supported Video Servers, NVR and DVRs please visit:

Check out case studies and more at:

Website: http://www.mobilecamviewer.com
Support Website: http://www.mobilecamviewer.com

Download from AppStore: here

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