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Spin this bottle!!

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99

Spin This Bottle is another classic party game brought to the iPhone, but with a twist: Challenge Cards.

The Challenge Cards can include actions, dares or questions. They are grouped into 3 colors. Green for easy, blue for embarrassing, and spicy red.

We preloaded some, but the real fun is creating them knowing who's playing, as you know precisely what to ask!

Adding your own cards or editing them is fast and simple. It's even easier to disable some cards if you don't want them for a game without deleting them.

Four languages are supported: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, each one having it's own separate set of cards.

* Supported languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
* Add your own cards, fast and easy.
* Accelerometer to help you see the card.
* Sounds on/off

Website: http://www.kalio.net/iphone/spinthisbottle
Support Website: http://www.kalio.net/iphone/spinthisbottle

Download from AppStore: here

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