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Net Status (host monitor)

Category: Utilities
Price: $0.99

*** see it in action – videos are on support page ***

Using Net Status you can get a fast glimpse of what is happening now with your hosts, routers and other network devices connected to the Internet or LAN.

Net Status checks network services your hosts run for availability and present the information in a convenient way aiming at providing a faster way to diagnose network problems. With Net Status you can quickly and easily determine which hosts and services are down from your monitoring list.

Network probes are performed using asynchronous algorithms that allow Net Status to operate quite fast – a host with quite a lot of running services is checked within fractions of a second. Even problematic hosts that are down don't slow down the check process for a time longer than a timeout you specify.

*** FEATURES ***

– Automatic scan of hosts for running services
– Predefined services for your convenience
– Possibility to add custom services
– Checks ICMP, TCP and UDP
– Faster asynchronous network I/O
– Works with Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE and GPRS
– Eye-pleasing interface design

Website: http://paully.com/netstatus/
Support Website: http://paully.com/netstatus/

Download from AppStore: here

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