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Antagon, v1.0. Compatible with iPhone / iPod touch of 2nd generation, os 3.0 or later.

This version of the game includes a "Head-to-Head" mode, allowing two players to confront each other via Bluetooth connection.

Enjoy !

Scheduled features for the upcoming update – v1.1:

– Sound (fx + musics)
– Graphic Themes
– Stats



Antagon is a two players turn-based reflexion / strategy game.

Two camps (Blue and Red) confront each other on a six-by-six square board. Each camp is composed of 3 pawns.

The pawns, while moving along, paint the squares they cover with the color of their camp.

Hazard partially takes place in the game, insofar as pawns move along randomly shaped paths.

Once there is no neutral square left, the victorious camp is the one which holds the greatest number of squares of its color.

Detailed Rules:

At each game start, the computer randomly chooses which camp starts, and, in "Game against Computer" mode as well as in "Head-to-Head" mode, who leads which camp.

At each turn and for each camp, a 5 squares long path is randomly generated by the computer (the squares are put together in a Tetris way). It represents a possible path for the selected pawn (highlighted pawn).

Here are the actions that can be done:

– Make the path rotate (via the buttons which are on the bottom right of the screen). The path then rotates 90 degrees around the selected pawn.

– Select another pawn (via the buttons which are on the bottom left of the screen, or by tapping a pawn of one's camp).

– Move the selected pawn (via the "Go!" button).

You have a limited amount of time to make a move: Default time limit is of 30 seconds (you can change this parameter in the Settings).

Remaining time is shown by a gauge, on the left of the screen.

When the deadline is reached, the selected pawn automatically moves along the path.

When a move is triggered, the selected pawn moves along the path, and paints each square it covers with the color of its camp.

Held squares can be recaptured at any moment by the adversary.

Also, the sides of the board are "open": When a pawn, during its move, hits a side of the board, it gets teleported to the opposite side.

If it comes to hit another pawn, its move is stopped.

Once a pawn has finished its move, it's up to the opponent to play.

The number of squares held by each camp is permanently shown on the upper left of the screen.

Once all of the squares are filled (no neutral square left), game is stopped, then the victorious camp is the one which holds the greatest number of squares.

In case where both camps hold the same number of squares, there is tie.

Four game modes are available in Antagon Full Version:

– Game in Head-to-Head mode (2 players over the Bluetooth connection).

– Game against Computer (3 difficulty levels).

– Game in Hotseat mode (2 players pass a single iPhone or iPod touch back and forth to play).

– Demo mode (the computer plays against himself).

It is to be noted that in Head-to-Head mode, the time limit corresponds to the average amount of time between both players time limits.

Website: http://www.oniricforge.com
Support Website: http://www.oniricforge.com

Download from AppStore: here

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