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Billing: Credit Card Terminal

Category: Business
Price: $9.99

Bill on demand anytime, anywhere right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Provides real mobile billing on demand. An all-in-1 wireless point of sale terminal complete with tip, signature capture and receipt support. Billing works with Authorize.net merchant accounts. This is the only credit card virtual terminal with touch screen signature capture and tip inclusion. Receipts are dispatched electronically directly to the customers email. There are just a few of the key features you will only find here. Billing takes advantage of key features in the newly released software update 3.0. Once you use Billing you will never want to use anything else. We have created a true to form innovative and fun interface that takes the otherwise boring task of billing and makes it fun to use for everyone. Billing includes an easy Demo mode toggle, which allows quick staff training on demand. Upgrade from any of the competitor apps today and instantly improve your risk threshold and features sets.


• Quick Transaction Entry and Processing.
• Innovative Interface making billing fun to use.
• Tax inclusion feature, auto calculates. (coming soon)
• Tip inclusion, allows customer to choose tip amount.
• Signature capture, allows customer to sign on the screen using his/her finger!
• Instant Receipt dispatch complete with signature and transaction details via email.
• Support for additional customer and transaction details to be captured.
• Previous transactions (history) view.
• Easy refund of any transaction at any time via transaction history.
• Stats overview, summary of transactions. Basic calculations of earnings by time periods: days, weeks.
• Advanced settings for enabling and disabling many of the above features.
• Demo mode enable and disable for quick and easy learning and training staff.
• New to Merchant accounts? Account setup is built in, dispatch of merchant app docs.
• Easy tap to edit fields, instantly correct any wrong data entered without having to start over.
• Authorize.net support
• Supports more then one merchant account, no need to purchase this app more then once to bill for a different merchant profile.
• Complete online tutorials, documentation and support.
• Fraud protection: supports AVS, and CVV2 for each transaction.
• Instant transaction feedback with Approved or declined with added email receipt option.
• Secure HTTPS transactions makes Billing safe and compliant with strict industry standards, card numbers are not stored on your iPhone.
• Module architecture allows for new features to be added on demand as they become available, no need for additional apps to be able to expand feature sets.
View these features in depth: www.spartadata.com


• iPhone / iPod Touch Software Update 3.0
• Any US Merchant account with Authorize.net account login. We can setup your account up for you before or after purchase of app. Signup is built into the app for added support.
• Access to a data plan or WiFi connection. Basically you will need to be connected to process transaction.
Questions on any of these items: info@spartadata.com


We have very competitive rates for both merchant account and Authorize.net accounts. If you already have a merchant account but would like to save more money we can beat your current rates guaranteed or we will pay for your app for free! We are pride on beating all competitors so we showcase current offered rates on our website: www.spartadata.com
Questions: info@spartadata.com


Authorize.net 24/7 Support: 877-447-3938
Blackstone Merchant Support (Our bundled merchant provider): 800-639-9590
Billing App Support: www.spartadata.com

Website: http://spartadata.com
Support Website: http://spartadata.com

Download from AppStore: here

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