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The Secret Door To Success (Florence Scovel Shinn)

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The Secret Door To SuccessFlorence Scovel Shinn”Your big opportunity and big success usually slide in, when you least expect it. You have to let go long enough for the great law of attraction to operate. You never saw a worried and anxious magnet. It stands up straight and hasn’t a care in the world, because it knows needles can’t help jumping to it. The things we rightly desire come to pass when we have taken the clutch off.” The Secret Door to Success by Florence Scovel Shinn will help you to discover the secret door that leads to achieving anything that your heart desires in this powerful book.The Secret Door to Success is a series of talks on various topics relating to the attainment of wealth and happiness. The book teaches how to triumph over our troubles and raise ourselves to a state of bliss.Florence Scovel Shinn explains how our misfortunes could be transformed into joys in a matter of days. She shows how the right mental attitude can lead to success and the precaution one must take if the riches are bestowed upon an individual.Index 1. The Secret Door to Success 2. Bricks Without Straw 3. And Five of Them Were Wise 4. What Do You Expect? 5. The Long Arm of God 6. The Fork in the Road 7. Crossing Your Red Sea 8. The Watchman at the Gate 9. The Way of Abundance 10. I Shall Never Want 11. Look With Wonder 12. Catch Up with Your Good 13. Rivers in the DesertAbout the author=============Born in 1871 in Camden, New Jersey, Florence Scovel was the daughter of a lawyer. She was educated in Philadelphia and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from 1889 to 1897, where she met Everett Shinn (1876-1953), a well-known painter. They married after her graduation and moved to New York City to pursue their artistic careers, living near Washington Square.Florence became an illustrator of popular children’s literature in magazines and books, and also a teacher of metaphysics. Her classic, The Game of Life and How to Play It, was self-published in 1925, followed in 1928 by Your Word Is Your Wand. The Secret Door To Success was published shortly before her death in 1940.REVIEWS:Multiplied my joy and my income by applying this bookBy – lhanna@neo.lrun.com “I only wish this book had been available years ago – it could have saved me countless hours sifting through the dross by instead pointing me to the really inspirational works. Very highly recommended.”- Jim Ewan, ***PLEASE NOTE***You can get all four of FSS’s work in the Wisdom of FSS, which is only $11.20. Believe me you won’t be sorry her work surpasses that of Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and even Catherine Ponder.By – Lee “Lee” (MA)

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