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Ever been at a concert, club, bar, or classy joint where the chatter is loud and the music even louder? Come on, we have all been there.. The feeling of what seems hours waiting in line at the bar for your next drink. Maybe you’re just looking to impress a couple of friends, or better yet – did you ever wish your iPhone could do the ordering for you?Wait no more! With this app, all you need to do is pick your poison and hold your phone up high. It’s bright and sure to grab the bartender’s attention, others will be sure to notice you as well.Current Features Include:- Visually appealing customizable menus for Beer, Mixed Drinks, and Wine. Simply flip through the pages and pick your poison.- Table views of each visual menu to allow easy editing. You can move your favorites to the front, remove drinks that you don’t like, and add your own for each category. This view also allows you to select and order a drink if you prefer.- Web enabled drinking statistics! If you enable this option in settings, it will create a unique live feed on our website for you. You can add this code snippet to your MySpace, Facebook, Signature, or wherever you’d like.- Can’t decide what you want? Just select a category and shake your iPhone and we’ll randomly select a drink for you.- My messages menu that allows you to save your phone number, shout outs, and anything else that you can think of to say with your iPhone.- Customizable marquee scroller that displays your drink order or personal message. You can change the color and speed in the settings menu.All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Trademark holders mentioned or depicted herein have not endorsed, affiliated with, or sponsored Another Bright Idea or this app.

Website: http://www.notherbrightidea.com/inad
Support Website: http://www.notherbrightidea.com/inad

Download from AppStore: here

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