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The Missing Furniture

Category: Education
Price: $1.99

The Missing Furniture (Comic)Written by Arleen A
– Illustrated by Stella Ernes AShirley is a good little witch who will definitely amuse young readers with stories of her life. The stories in this collection present an exciting new way for parents to discuss good behaviour with their children. Each story features Shirley in a new adventure which is told in simple language. The beautiful illustrations enhance understanding among young learners. They will have a good time reading these stories and learning the essence of good behaviour.Note to Parents :Shirley is a good little witch. Introduce Shirley to your young readers and Shirley will amuse them with stories of her life.The text of the story is correlated with the beautiful illustrations to enhance understanding among early learners of the English language.Join Shirley in her adventures and get children hooked on reading.Vocab ListSkaterWhat ifDuringPractisePracticeAs long asPreferred (Prefer)Started (Start)Kept on (Keep on)Went aroung (Go around)Became (Become)Pretty goodAnswered (Answer)FurnitureApologised (Apologise)Sat down (Sit down)GiggleOf courseCame home (Come home)Shocked (Shock)For an author bio and photo, reviews and a reading sample, visit www.sterlingpublishers.com For additional information on publishing your books on iPhone please visit www.AppsPublisher.com.

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