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Adam’s Trouble Lite

Category: Games
Price: Free

Adam’s Trouble is a brand new racy & pacey adventure game from Mlabemantras available at the Apple store. This features Adam caught in a maze, with rising toxic liquid from the bottom end. Adam wants to escape through a door at the top end and he needs to jump to different levels, open the valve and reach for the exit door.In this bid, he has to avoid slipping and falling in the pool of toxic liquid and also the creepy creatures which crawl over the well.Its spread over three levels, with the toughness quotient increasing progressively with each level.How far can Adam go? Will he succeed in crossing the different levels and climb up to the summit of freedom?Features:- An iPhone/iPod exclusive release, designed to make the best use of the touch features- Open to use for all ages- The next full version is going to be packed with more exciting features and more rounds1. Facebook integration to share the game and scores with your friends.2. Scoring System3. More obstacles and more challenges

Website: http://mlab.emantras.com/games/adventure-games/adam-trouble/index.html
Support Website: http://mlab.emantras.com/games/adventure-games/adam-trouble/index.html

Download from AppStore: here

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