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Category: Business
Price: $2.99

Wish you could organize images of whiteboards from your meetings?Now you can, with Whiteboarder from Avatron Software.Built atop the same solid foundation as Avatron’s award-winning Air Sharing apps, Whiteboarder lets you organize your whiteboards into folders. It lets you de-skew, crop, enhance, and white-balance whiteboard images, and even email and print them.Using Whiteboarder is as easy as Snap, Select, and Save.FEATURESWith Whiteboarder, you can:
– Take photos with your iPhone camera, or pick them from your Photos Library
– Work in portrait or landscape orientation
– Drag four magnifying glass controls to the corners of your whiteboard, for de-skewing
– Crop the image, to select the interesting part
– Save to Photos
– Email
– Print to a shared printer (requires Printer Sharing on Mac OS X 10.5 or Linux)
– Learn about the app with a friendly Help featureIMAGE ENHANCEMENTWhiteboarder’s sophisticated image-processing algorithms automatically enhance your whiteboard images by:
– Cleaning the white background
– Removing noise
– Enhancing contrast
– Correcting perspective, using the corners you selectSUPPORTGot questions? Please visit our support forum, featuring Live Chat, at www.avatron.com/support. We cannot reply in the App Store.

Website: http://www.avatron.com/products/whiteboarder
Support Website: http://www.avatron.com/products/whiteboarder

Download from AppStore: here

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