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Spelling Fun

Category: Education
Price: $0.99

Spelling Fun (For Kids)This version is specially developed for kids. This version has 750+ words and more then 200 levels.Spelling Fun is a word Puzzle Game for Kids. It contains Word Puzzle, which help children to lean the spelling of the word and also gives mental challenge.The goal of Spelling Fun is simple, make a word with given letter tiles by just arranging them in a horizontal order on the screen. Spelling Fun also gives you hint at the start. Later once you move any letter tile, it erases the hint purposely because you have to memorize it. Slide tiles of letters around and arrange them in horizontal order to form a word. Once your word is correct as per the hint, you will go to the next level. There are more than 150+ levels and 600 words incorporated in the Spelling Fun Game. With progress of each level, the difficulty level increases. Whenever you form a word, you will score, and the tiles of the word will be randomly replaced. The longer the word, the more scoring points you’ll receive.Kids will love Spelling Fun. The game tests vocabulary, spelling and problem solving skills.To see more SCREENSHOTS, follow the application’s Website URL in iTunes.Spelling Fun for Kids is a great combination of a unique variation of the classic Tile Puzzle and a way to introduce kids to the sight words. Also adults can use it to see how fast they can order the tiles to find the word. We will be providing updates in the form of new words and other updates on a regular basis in future, likewise any features you want included let us know via our support site and we will take every request into consideration!Our other applications are: Word Fun, Number Fun
– Maths for Kids.

Website: http://icodeway.com
Support Website: http://icodeway.com

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