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Japanese food is now available almost anywhere in the world.Healthy and attractive to the eye, it is a cuisine that fully brings out the flavors inherent in the ingredients, and can be eaten with ease anywhere and at any time.But, if you’re going to try Japanese cuisine, how about also learning the traditionally correct way of eating it?Any venue with a Japanese-style quiet ambience will provide the perfect backdrop.This software enables you to see, with both video and text, Japanese cuisine being enjoyed by people in traditional dress.This is more than about table manners. It goes as far as showing you how to seat yourself in a Japanese-style room and bow, and performing other courtly behaviors. As such, it will quickly prove to be of great practical use.ContentsThe contents are as follows:About the ProducerOriginally a staff member of the Okayama City Office.2001: Opened a finishing school in Okayama to teach total manners.2005: Opened a school in Ginza, Tokyo.Has over 2,000 students who are taught in detail in one-on-one lessons.Numerous graduates have begun schools of their own.Covered by a variety of media.President of Grace Finishing School.

Website: http://www.grace-fs.jp/index.php
Support Website: http://www.grace-fs.jp/index.php

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