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ESL Essay Writing PRO
– College Special (8 in 1)

Category: Education
Price: $15.99

ESL Essay Writing is the ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE version of the Essay Writing Wizard. It includes special instructions and tips specifically for ESL students.
Welcome to the ESSAY WRITING WIZARD – the complete essay writing solution for the Apple student community. Essay Writing Wizard is an essay ORGANIZER and a step-by-step writing PLANNER for college and high school students. Get your writing homework done faster and easier! The content for each app is laid out in a logical, easy-to-read order, and you are guided in how to specifically write that type of essay. No more wondering if you are writing your essay correctly because with ESL Essay Writing it is difficult to go wrong. The app teaches the proper critical thinking and reasoning required to complete just about any type of essay. In addition, it instructs how to review and revise for maximum clarity and meaning.EXCELLENT WRITING TOOL FOR ESL STUDENTS Why spend lots of money paying a writing tutor to help organize your essay when the ESL Essay Writing app provides more help and guidance in two to three hours than a tutor can ever do in that amount of time? Each app is full of additional, necessary information that tutors simply do not teach. If they did, they would have to charge a much higher price for the amount of energy and effort that would actually take.ESL Essay Writing is consistent help 24/7. Best of all, it never gets in a bad mood, never says it is not available today, and never cancels on you at the last minute.REDUCE WRITING FRUSTRATION BY WORKING AND WRITING ANYWHERE AT ANYTIMEESL Essay Writing is perfect for those situations when you have a few extra minutes, and you want to start organizing an essay only to get frustrated because your laptop is at home or the battery is dead. Even worse, there may be lots of computers in the library, but they are all in use. It is equally frustrating when you have an essay topic and a computer, but no idea how to begin to prepare, organize, and write. Worry no more! Simply open your ESL Essay Writing app, and begin putting your essay together. It is as easy as following the instructions.Think clearly and develop your ideas/arguments without fear of getting lost or not knowing what to do next. Your ESL Essay Writing app guides you every step of the way. HOW TO USE ESL ESSAY WRITING 1. Read your essay assignment very carefully. 2. Choose the ESL Essay Writing app that is appropriate for that essay and purchase.3. Open the app and read the Overview.4. Follow the step-by-step Writing Instructions.5. Complete the Revision tasks.6. Confidently hand in your essay. NOTES, BIBLIOGRAPHY, AND ESSAY WRITING PAGESUse these pages to store responses to writing instructions, to save sources and develop your bibliography, and, of course, to write your essay. The ESL Essay Writing app makes it so that you can think about and develop your essay anytime, anywhere. For the more adept typers, you can write your complete essay on your iPhone or iPod Touch, if you want. Others may choose to send the prewriting and bibliography to a desktop or laptop computer, and write the final essay there. Either way, the ESL Essay Writing app makes your writing go faster and easier. Send your work to any email address with the touch of one button.

Website: http://www.essaywritingwizard.com
Support Website: http://www.essaywritingwizard.com

Download from AppStore: here

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