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– Weight Advisor

Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Price: $2.99

Advanced weight tracker and weight-loss/gain planner
– you can see anytime how much you stick to diet plan.
– Calculating your weight-loss/gain plan according your initial body characteristics and desired weight and time.
– Calculating calorie diet you should keep to achieve your goal in desired time.
– Calculating weight difference between just entered weight and planned weight for current time, highlighting it by green if your weight match or less then planned value.
– Noting about you didn’t enter weight value more then 12 hours.
– Noting by text and by color target icon about you match or not to calculated diet plan.
– You can enter weight values many times per day.
– Easy editing or deleting any saved record.
– Warning if calculated diet is senseless, impossible or dangerous for your health.
– Calculating your BMI
– body mass index, highlighting it by green if it is in proper range.
– Calculating your DCN
– daily calorie needs (calorie to maintain your current weight).
– Keeping all weight history including comments for each record.
– Marking each history record by green or red icon depends on match or not to calculated diet plan.
– Drawing history diagrams.
– Exporting history data to e-mail.
– Supporting lbs/kg, ft/sm units.Note: all calculations are based on common formulas and it can not match your individual characteristics.

Website: http://www.globinsol.com/
Support Website: http://www.globinsol.com/

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