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Price: $4.99

Welcome to post-apocalyptica, my friend!You come here eager to raid and plunder, looking for glory across the Wastes? Then listen up! Those pesky Kowovans transport supplies and weapons our tribes need so much.Kowovans are nothing more than supply-vans dragged by mutated cows. Very angry, armored and smart Kows, so they make a good enemy for every honorable desert raider.Besides, this is our land and them Kowovans dare to enter without sharing. That’s outrageous! So we’re kinda good guys here
– you lead the boys and help us get what is rightfully ours.FEATURES:
– raid and plunder Kowovans in Mad Max style
– carefully plan your raids to survive the fight
– lead your raiders to achieve top glory in Online Score table
– play NuclearSnake(r) while your raid-boys recouperate
– enjoy post-apocalyptica!

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