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Category: Education
Price: $2.99

Idea Pod is the cards application which support inspiration.You can get idea tips written on the card by flicking or shaking your iPhone (or iPod Touch).Idea Pod is based on “TRIZ” (a methodology, tool set, knowledge base, and model-based technology for generating innovative ideas and solutions for problem solving) which developed by researching over 2 millions of patent analysis.Idea Pod consists of 40 cards which are written in simple text and picture based on the method of TRIZ called “40 Principles of Invention”.When you create idea or brainstorming with the team, Idea Pod will support your idea.(This application is converted from “Idea Pop-up cards”, developed by MIYAGI TRIZ RESEARCH SOCIETY, for iPhone and iPod Touch.)1) Bring up the ideas. (ex. Planning brand new iPhone case)2) Flicking cards and get your ideas from the hint.3) The card could make little inspiration, you can throw it by flicking above. Finally, cards which inspire you the most will remain.4) Flick cards and keep going!## Tap the shuffle button, thrown cards are reset and the order is randomly shuffled. You can create idea again with fresh mind.1) Flicking and throwing cards2) Shuffling cards3) English / Japanese correspodent

Website: http://bm11.kayac.com/ideapod
Support Website: http://bm11.kayac.com/ideapod

Download from AppStore: here

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