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Fireworks Real!

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99

Everyone loves fireworks! We are from the hometown of fireworks, which has more than 1400 years’ history of making fireworks. All kinds of fireworks are produced there for festivals, celebrations and good blessing all over the world.In this application, we will show 5 categories, more than 10 kinds of fireworks real effects.4 Cakes Fireworks: Welcome, Power Legend, Colorful Sky, Dragon Gathering2 Fountains Fireworks: Bucket of the World, Spring Shoot1 Cold Flame Fireworks: Love turnplate3 Display Shells: 2.5″, 3″, 4″ shellsand 3 kinds of Rockets Fireworks.You can also have a fireworks catalogue which give you idea of all kinds of fireworks. Next time when you see the wonderful fireworks in the sky you may know what it is.Enjoy with your family and friends, I am sure kids will like them very much!Have fun!

Website: http://www.shiningworks.com
Support Website: http://www.shiningworks.com

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