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CubeMate Lite
– Workplace Zingers

Category: Entertainment
Price: Free

CUBEMATE LiteTired of the same questions over and over, day in and day out?Tired of being interrupted from your important “SLEEP” research (stress level elimination exercise plan) by pesky co-workers?Tired of always being the “go-to” person?CUBEMATE Lite can help! Leave this application open on your cubicle desk and when your co-workers/subordinates/boss approach and ask yet another inane question, point to the big red button and let CUBEMATE Lite make the intelligent response for you by saying… “That’s not MY job”“I’d explain it you but your brain would explode”Upgrade to the full version of CubeMate which includes over 20 funny answers in 2 different voice styles, for even more quirky answers.PLEASE NOTE: CUBEMATE Lite will not be held liable for the subsequent termination or promotion of the user due to the uber intelligent responses at your fingertips.

Website: http://www.iclassicnu.com
Support Website: http://www.iclassicnu.com

Download from AppStore: here

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