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Category: Business
Price: $0.99

MuliExpress is a poerful iPhone and iPod touch app that makes task assignment simple, fast and fun. Download MuliExpress today and immediately see improvments in your ability to delegate things to other persons to get these done.MuliExpress allows to assign ToDos to Users of online ToDo Services like “Toodeldo” or “Remember the Milk”Think about it, now you can put a ToDo to your friends for your next party, presentation or something else and they will never forget these things.To assign a todo, you must only start MuliExpress, choose a person, a todo date and a short message with the todo description.Features:
– simple task definition
– simple assigning tasks to other persons
– quick and easily Languages:
– German
– English

Website: http://www.muliexpress.de
Support Website: http://www.muliexpress.de

Download from AppStore: here

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