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Wiccan Moon

Category: Lifestyle
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Wiccan Moon is an easy way to keep track of which of the year’s moons is coming next. Every month has a specific moon associated with it in many different belief systems. There are many variations throughout differing branches of Pagan belief, this application shows one of the more popular Wiccan naming conventions as follows for each month’s moon from January to December.Cold MoonQuickening MoonStorm MoonWind MoonFlower MoonSun MoonBlessing MoonCorn MoonHarvest MoonBlood MoonMourning MoonLong Nights MoonOnce every few years there may be two full moons in one calendar month and a rare Blue Moon will also appear.The current moon phase and location (in the zodiac) is shown along with a graphical representation of its phase.Below that, a simple countdown in days and hours to the next full moon along with a different symbolic picture of the moon that is coming.

Website: http://www.fiddlemeragged.com/fiddlemeragged/WiccanMoon.html
Support Website: http://www.fiddlemeragged.com/fiddlemeragged/WiccanMoon.html

Download from AppStore: here

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