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Category: Business
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Want to make your working life easier?There are some great apps out there, but with over 1000 to choose from we have created an app to make your selection simpler!We’ve taken the details of over 200 of the most popular (selected) business apps & crammed them into this handy
– ‘no network needed’ app.Browse in portrait or landscape ‘app flow‘ mode, by icon or switch to screen shots view.Tap for full details with description & ‘swipe & zoom’ screen shots
– you can even check out other apps by the developers.Or filter your searches by selecting ‘genres’ or from the ‘features’ accordion you select ‘popularity’, ‘under 10MB’ or a price range. Your selections are then presented in ‘app flow’.Once you’ve found your app either add it to your list of favourites or click though & buy via the App Store.KEY FEATURES:
– installs popular apps info onto your iPhone or iPod touch
– browse in portrait or landscape app flow mode
– text search
– browse by genre & features
– A
– Z list view with app icon
– book app details view with zoomable screen shots
– editable list of favouritesDISCLAIMERNetwork connection required to buy apps.see more itikkit apps:
itikkit:arcadecategory: Games/Arcadebrowse over 200 games
itikkit:gigscategory: Musicbrowse 000’s of gigs on the go
itikkit:showscategory: Lifestylebrowse 00’s of UK shows & events on the go

Website: http://www.itikkit.com/works
Support Website: http://www.itikkit.com/works

Download from AppStore: here

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