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German Talking Watch (Deutsch)

Category: Travel
Price: $0.99

German Talking Clock.Finally a clock in Deutsch! :-)Finally, after much request, a clock in your iPhone that is both filled with functionality and beautiful!Some of the main features include:-Deutsch (German) Talking watch. We’ve made it extremely convenient, especially for when you are busy or at night when it’s hard to see; with just a tap on the power icon and the clock will say the exact hour. This is a much requested feature that is hard to find in other applications!-Date: Unlike most clocks and calendar applications out there; this applications has both included! Why go through the hassle of loading different applications for similar tasks? Here you have it all!We are sure you will enjoy this application and find it very useful! Furthermore, we are constantly working on this and other applications; please feel free to share with us any ideas or suggestions you may have!

Website: http://www.i-fertility.com
Support Website: http://www.i-fertility.com

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