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A+ Programming Interview Puzzles

Category: Business
Price: $2.99

Are you interested in working at high-tech companies like Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Facebook? Then you need to prepare yourself for PROGRAMMING interview questions.Programming Interview Puzzles gives you answers to 40+ hard programming interview questions.If you like brain teasers, programming and computer science then you will enjoy Programming Interview Puzzles.MAJOR AREAS:* Binary Trees* Arrays* Strings* Linked Lists* AlgorithmsFEATURES:* 40+ hard programming questions* Answers are provided for every question* New questions added on a regular basisWANT HELP WITH TECHNICAL QUESTIONS?Go download Interview Brain Puzzles.It gives you answers to 50+ hard technical job interview questions. WANT HELP WITH BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS?Go download Interview Pro.It gives you answers to 50+ hard behavioral job interview questions. SAMPLE QUESTIONS:* Why should I hire you?* What is your biggest weakness?* Why did you leave your last job?* What salary are you looking for?* Why are manhole covers round?* Monty Python* ProbabilityHow prepared are you for your next job interview?Tags: programming interviews, job interview, technical job interview, coding interview, programming answers, interview answers

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