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TRUMPLET: A unique blend

Category: Music
Price: $1.99

TRUMPLET: An instrument with the bold power of the trumpet and the elegance of the flute. A truly unique instrument for the Apple iPhone.Trumplet is a unique instrument that blends aspects of the Trumpet and Flute. Trumplet is played using the same 5-hole flute fingering as uFlute, so learning one set of fingerings will let you play two instruments!The Trumplet StoryLong ago, on a small island in the Mediterranean sea, a colony of metal-eating insects called alchemites infested a trumpet in a small outdoor concert pavilion. Longing for better access to the sea breeze, alchemite warriors chewed a row of perfectly round holes in the tubing of the trumpet. These holes produce beautiful tones as the sea breeze blows through the instrument.The TRUMPLET AppCenturies later, through the magic of the iPhone, this miracle of nature is reproduced for all to play. TRUMPLET is a beautiful blend of the Native American Flute and the traditional European trumpet. Played using standard flute-like fingering patterns, the TRUMPLET produces a unique sound that is quite remarkable.Hardware Requirements’Touch To Play’ mode is supported on all models of iPhone, as well as on iPod Touch 2nd Generation.’Blow to Play’ mode is supported only on iPhone.

Website: http://www.appliedvoices.com/Trumplet
Support Website: http://www.appliedvoices.com/Trumplet

Download from AppStore: here

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