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Category: Business
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The Mezun callingcard iPhone App is a free application that allows Mezun callingcard iPhone users to place international calls directly from an iPhone. After downloading the application on your iPhone, you do not need to dial Toll Free or Local Access Numbers or enter your PIN anymore to use Mezun callingcard services; you can dial your destination directly or choose a contact from your address book to call.With MCC Dialer App, you will be saving on all your international calls while talking with loved ones abroad and still enjoy all the valuable functionalities or your cell phone. Some of the features are:• Flexibility
– Easier and faster dialing, just by going to your address book, choosing your contact you wish to call, and press the “call” button. No need to dial any access numbers or PIN!• Direct Dialing
– Simply dial to your desired international destination as normal (starting with “011”or”+”) MCC Dialer App seamlessly connects you to Mezun callingcard’s platform, determines your user account number, verifies the balance on your account and continues to process the call throughout its duration. You can also place calls directly from your address book. Simply go to your address; choose your contact you wish to call and press the “call duration”

Website: http://www.mezun.com/telefon/cc/iphonedialer/
Support Website: http://www.mezun.com/telefon/cc/iphonedialer/

Download from AppStore: here

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