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iPocket Brent

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99

Heeellooo there….It’s the Brent-meister-general! Not Literally…With 50 crude, cringe-worthy, baffling and side-splittingly funny quotes from that poor misguided soul of Slough’s greatest ever Paper-merchants.Perfect for pranking your friends, insulting your work colleagues, or just generally enjoying on those quiet nights in.Now you’re only seconds away from the best ever Brent-isms of all time.Don’t miss out!Perfect for in or out of the Office!Classics such as:”I’m an Educator..””A good idea is a good idea.. Forever!””Thank you David for the opportunity and continued support..””OoooOOh Kinky!””They’ve gotta trust me i’m taking these guys into Battle!.. yeh.. And i’m doin me own stapling!”..And many many more!I think it’s BLOODY hilarious…Please also offer support and comments for future updates!I’ll see ya later…
This product is intended solely for Entertainment purposes only and the owner will not be help responsible for any misuse or innappropriate behavious carried out whilst using this product. The price charged for Pocket Brent covers development costs only. All sounds, images and character names are copyrighted and trademarked by their respective owners
2012 Creative ltd

Website: http://pocketbrent.blogspot.com
Support Website: http://pocketbrent.blogspot.com

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